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Saline Removal is an incredibly gentle method of removing tattoos from any skin regardless of age or tint, using a simple saline solution. The saline solution naturally binds to the man-made pigments, breaks them down, and pulls them out of the skin. No scarring. No blistering. No pain. Unlike laser tattoo removal which causes permanent damage to the skin and can only remove certain tattoos, Saline Removal achieves the desired result in less time and works on ALL tattoos.  Saline Removal is an easy to learn yet indispensable practice to add to your list of services offered. 


Glowing Skin

Take care of your clients’ skin! Less damaging than laser tattoo removal, Saline removal works on all skin types, all pigments, and completely removes tattoos from recently botched PMU to 30-year-old tattoos. Protect the skin and leave a clean slate to work on. 

Fast Results

Achieve better results than laser tattoo removal in fewer sessions.

Budget Friendly

Achieve high-end results with less expensive equipment.

Get Certified In 1-2 Weeks

Become Certified In No Time!


+What is saline removal?

Saline removal is the most widely used and recommended product for cosmetic tattooing, used to lift, lighten, and correct bad or unwanted microblading, permanent makeup, and scalp micropigmentation as well as any other type of tattoo. For decades it's been trusted by technicians to be safe and effective in removing tattoos.

+Is saline tattoo removal better than laser tattoo removal?

The saline method is a lot less painful in comparison to laser removal which can cause blistering or potential scar formation. Saline removal does not permanently damage the tissue; like lasers do. Treatment time and expense are also greatly reduced with saline removal because fewer treatments are necessary to obtain the desired results. Laser treatments are traditionally very expensive, painful, and cannot treat certain ink colors due to the laser’s inability to break down lighter colors or colors that are very similar to the patient’s skin tone. Similarly, older tattoos are harder to remove, and ink that has been placed in the deep layers of the skin is not reachable by conventional lasers. Whether your tattoo is 1 year old or 30 years old, saline removal will get it out, it is just a matter of how many sessions are needed. If you plan to cover the removal area with a new tattoo once healed, saline removal will be in your best interest, as lasers can cause damage that prevents the skin from accepting/holding any new pigment.

+Will this work on my tattoo?

Saline removal is effective on all types of tattoos, regardless of age, color, and location. This includes both cosmetic tattoos and conventional tattoos, done with any type of machine or manual tool. The tattoo must be at least 30 days old before removal. Black tattoos are often more resistant to removal, meaning you may need to do an extra session or two for your client. If unwanted tattoo is covered in thick scar tissue, it may require more sessions to remove. In that case, Microneedling over the area between sessions will help to break up the scar tissue and make for more effective removal appointments.PMU Shop USA offers Microneedling course as well where you can find and enroll in the training section of the site.

+Does it hurt?

topical anesthetics are used for numbing before and during the procedure. Pain threshold levels vary from person to person and some individuals may even have a resistance to anesthetics making them not as effective.

+How many sessions needed?

The number of sessions needed depends on several factors and varies from client to client. The tattoo’s size, age, and location as well as the type, depth and color of pigment(s) used will make a difference.


You can absolutely learn this treatment online, specifically using our online training program. The reason is our system has a unique certification system that has been engineered to allow you to perform hands-on training at your studio or home eliminating the risks of damaging third parties and maximizing your learning experience to perform professionally after completion of the program.


Our dynamic is completely online. The dynamic is working towards your certificate by completing the task contained in the certification section. These tasks have been designed to give you the needed skill to perform on clients but without the risk of damaging others with the lack of live supervision. When you practice an exercise, at the end of your training session you take a picture of your work and submit it to your instructor along any questions you may have. To which we reply at an appropriate time, giving you simple, practical feedback to improve your technique and answer your questions. Creating a complete learning experience that allows you to learn from your mistakes without damaging others in the process to get you completely ready to see clients.


Our training approach makes us different. We use an online approach that is 100% hands-on, more heavy than a traditional class. In addition, you are placed in daily communication with an instructor who’s there to guide you via pictures of your work in the platform in a safe dynamic that will allow you to develop your skills, confidence, and knowledge. it’s one thing to learn the treatment and other to implement into the business, we want to be there to support you and make the transition as smooth as possible.


We have instructors in place that review student submissions on a daily basis giving you simple and practical feedback to improve your technique. In addition our instructors are there to answer any questions you may have about the treatment. Creating a progressive, complete learning experience.


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All of our trainings are non-refundable without any exceptions. In education, not all people have the drive to succeed and finish what they start. We do our best to set our professionals to succeed.

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