What is Ombré Brow?

Ombré brow is a semipermanent technique for enhancing the appearance, shape, and fullness of the eyebrows. Ombré brow, also known as "powdered brow" is a soft, misty, powder-filled brow similar to the look of makeup. This means the tails of the brow are darker and fade into a lighter color at the head of the brow, giving them a very subtle ombré appearance. Unlike microblading, these brows are typically done with a machine and typically last longer with more retention. Over time, pigment fades about 50% leaving your clients with amazing results. It is important to get proper permanent makeup ombré training when performing this procedure. 


PSU Artist is every person who has previously been a PSU Students and successfully passed the trainings. Each Artist obtains a certificate, logo with the unique number, introduction to the PSU map on the website and also get 10% lifetime discount on supplies.

Brow Lamination Training

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