Henna Brows

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What is Henna Brow?

Henna Brow is a product based on Indian henna. Color pigments have been added to give the henna a beautiful light to dark brown color. When working with pure henna, you will eventually get a reddish print on the skin. That is, for example, the result with traditional henna decorations in many Eastern countries. In addition, the color pigments ensure that the henna draws into the skin more quickly, so you do not have to wait for hours, as is the case with pure henna. Henna Brow on the other hand is never pure in nature, and that is required for the purpose of brow henna application. Not only will the henna stain your brow hair, but it will stain the skin under and around the brows offering a nice, full coverage semi-permanent brow color. Traditional brow tints only offer tinting to the hair and do not tint the skin, resulting in a less full effect than Henna Brow. This is the PERFECT option for someone who desires full brows without having to turn to permanent tattooed microblading or shading but desires low maintenance beautiful brows. Henna Brow can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the skin type and routine. 


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