Botox introduction

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Botox Online Training

Please note This course does NOT provide licensing to perform this procedure. If you are not already a licensed professional or you have not done so already, is highly recommended to check your state laws and regulations to see what is required to perform this procedure as a profession as licensing is often required. This course is solely for educational purpose and does not give the right to perform this procedure without following proper requirements per your location. 

What Is Included

Understand the history of botulinum toxin and its clinical use.

Handle a Botox syringe safely and confidently.

Use the injection techniques learnt in the course to start injecting. Make sure that you have the appropriate medical qualifications to legally perform Bo tox injections in your state/country.

Reconstitute a vial of Botox and draw up ready for use.

Have an understanding of relevant facial anatomy and safe areas to inject.

Downloadable Forms such as ( Consent Form , Client Record , Medical History , Before and After Care, etc )

6 months of Unlimited Access to the Online Course.

6 Months Access to Virtual Instructors.

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